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 Nothing makes us more delighted than having you here with us at Linen & Blue. We look forward to serving you, getting to know you, and curating things we're just sure you'll love!

I'm Tessa Hall and while I'm the owner of Linen & Blue, I know that nothing great comes from going it alone. I need the wisdom, ideas, and skills of the people who have so kindly and generously (and patiently) agreed to walk beside me in this really cool venture of offering you designer quality, trending, affordable fashion while also creating an experience that makes you feel absolutely preferred and valued! 

Could I share my story with you?

As a teenager, I kept a floppy, worn spiral notebook hidden in my tiny apartment bedroom where I lived with my mother. It was worn and hidden because I poured hours of original fashion designs into it and I had no intention of sharing them with anyone. I didn't hide those designs in shame. Not at all! I was actually surprised at my abilities, if I'm being honest. 

But being even more honest ... I was just afraid. I was afraid of what people would think of me, not what they would think of my designs.

Having grown up very poor, with only a couple of pairs of pants and a few tops provided by my grandmother each year, I had some serious identity issues. As poverty does, it convinced me I was inferior to other girls and I did everything I could to not be noticed. If they never even know you're there, they can't reject you. 

Fashion had the power to make me feel less than. I simply did not have nice clothes ... or many at all ... and I was embarrassed by that. That was an experience that shaped the way I saw myself and it was an ugly identity I carried around. 

If someone were to find my fashion sketches, would they make fun of me...the girl who wears consignment store bargains and surely couldn't know anything about fashion or style? If they discovered my designs, would they feel sorry for me...the girl who can't afford anything nice and draws things that she thinks might be?

By the time I was 20 years old, I was in my sophomore year of college and I was a business owner. You can be sure that I worked to pay for more than rent money! The mall in my college town's neighboring city became a favorite for me, and even when I knew I really needed to save some of my income, I would go on the occasional spree over there.

I can still remember many of the things I bought, but my most memorable is the bright red romper that I should NOT have spent that much on! Oh, and I had shoes to match! (I had never had matching shoes in my entire life!) Other than that red romper, I never spent more than I should or bought name brands. I worked hard for the money I earned with my business and it wasn't necessary to go overboard to dress the way I wanted.

What I found was that finding a dress or top "in my color" or jeans that fit just right ... it had the power to give me confidence and to make me feel pretty. It wasn't about buying more, spending more, or having. It was about learning to dress  in the way that makes me feel my best. Whether I'm in a tee shirt and jeans or my favorite little black dress (it's a little black romper, actually), there's just something about finding something I love and throwing it on. There's power in finding your color ... your fit ... your fabric ... your style. 

More than 25 years after I threw that spiral notebook in the trash, I have finally come back to something I really love. I love everything about fashion. I love the pretty stuff. The unusual stuff. The vivid stuff. The risky stuff. The modest stuff. The tasteful and even some of the tacky (but not risqué or ... you know ... inappropro).

Fashion is just fun and no matter your budget, your style preferences, or your lifestyle, we want to be a part of your story! 

Thank you for including us.